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Manifestation is most powerful when you spend time on it each day and feel light, positive and excited during it.

How to Use Manifesting Skills to Live an Awesome Life

Living an awesome life is possible when you improve your manifesting skills. However, you must be wary of making the process feel too much like an obligation. Manifesting what you want is easiest when you feel and think positively. You must tune your body and mind to a high frequency. Learning about manifestation is a lifelong journey because there are always new ways you’ll discover to raise your vibration. Below, you’ll learn two of the most important manifesting skills you can use to live an awesome life.


Positive feelings play an important role in manifesting. However, it’s not so easy sometimes to feel positive, especially when you’re going through a tough time. Maybe your child got into trouble at school or you lost your job. These situations understandably make it more difficult to feel positive, even if you know to think positive thoughts and focus on solving the problem.

Getting into the habit of visualizing will help you feel positive as you imagine the scenarios you want to experience in life. You don’t have to spend a lot of time visualizing. Even five minutes a day spent on visualizing works. Remember that you don’t want to be too attached to the outcome, or it blocks the manifestation energy.

Make Manifestation Time Fun

If the time you spend on manifesting feels like a chore, then you may be hindering the energy. It’s important for the process to feel fun for the best results. Making manifestation time fun also increases the likelihood that you’ll follow through every day. Manifestation is most powerful when you spend time on it each day and feel light, positive and excited during it.

If you find that planning your manifestation time every day just isn’t working for you, try the spontaneous route. Manifest any time during the day when you feel like it, and you may notice better results. Everyone is different, so some people benefit more from scheduling time whereas others find greater benefit in spontaneously manifesting.

There are many awesome tricks to make life easier, but remember to always make manifestation time fun and include the power of visualization in your practice. Don’t let manifestation become a chore. You will notice that your manifestation skills greatly improve when you follow the two tips listed above.

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