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👇 Mental Health Solutions for Organizations👇

The art of happiness keynote

In-Person or Virtual

The workplace is changing…

 It’s not just about the work anymore, it’s about how we feel and what we experience. 

Employees are burned out and employers are losing profits and productivity. 

Amy Re-Imagines the Keynote Speech

Amy re-imagines the workplace. Amy re-imagines happiness. Amy re-imagines the keynote speech. Through this insanely engaging performance, Amy’s metaphor of painting and bringing meaning and value back to the workplace is exhilarating. 

Watch as Amy delivers a transformational message while painting live for the audience to think differently about the work they do. Her energy is contagious on stage. 

This performance will help your company grow by increasing employee happiness and engagement in their jobs. This experience is an investment in your future success! 

Attendees walk away thinking differently about how they show up in the workplace, inspired to bring the values they were meant to bring to the workplace and have a new level of meaning in their jobs.


The new age of culture

how the science of happiness is disrupting the culture in the workplace

Create A Better Workplace Environment

Imagine a workplace where your employees THRIVE in everyday. We are in a happiness crisis – not just at work, but in our personal lives as well. 

It’s not about slides, ping pongs tables, or kegs – but was it ever, really? 

We know that when work on PERSONAL happiness, it translates to WORKPLACE happiness. The reality is your employees may not just be stressed at work, they have lives outside of work that cause anxiety, stress, and hardships. 

We focus on your team by looking at the person as a whole. We know that by using science proven methods, we can change the way your employees think and feels towards the workplace by understanding values and bringing meaning to their jobs. 

Let us show you how.

My Mobile Mentor

Creating Better Mental Health for All Employees

Mental Health is not just a conversation at home, more and more organizations are taking an active approach in their employees mental health. This means more focus, higher productivity, better success with your team. 

👇 Authority Solutions for Authors & Speakers
to Further Positive Movements👇

Get Hired By Your Top Tier Prospects as an Expert Speaker or Author

You're looking for a way to get hired as an expert speaker or author.

If you want to be seen as the authority in your field, Authority Branding is the place to start. We build your brand so you become the recognized expert in your field by helping you find your voice and message, then connecting you with companies that are looking for someone just like you.

Build on your passion.

Find the emotional core of what you do and figure out how to convey it through words, visuals, actions--whatever is right for your brand. And find the message that ties everything together so you have a clear destination in mind when building your website or handling any other business-related tasks . It's not about who says something; it's about including others to sound like they're saying it too because that’s when they buy into your message. This is the beginning of creating the movement you were destined to create. 

Get started today...

Get Booked on Your Dream Stages (and make money doing it)...

So you wrote a book...Congratulations! But let me guess, you want to spread your  message further than just to those who happen to read your book. You want to take your message and make a movement! 

Now you have the great title of being an "author" and you want to speak at events, but you don't know where to start. You've tried using other speaking programs before but they never worked for you! I get it. I've been there.

Imagine having a program that is specifically designed for authors by authors. A program that provides the tools and resources needed to get you booked on stages...

It's time for your voice to be heard!

Learn about our DFY program here.

Build a Movement Around What Matters to You Most


Expand your vision with the Authority Podcast Solution. This platform will be the launching pad to help you embrace epic life on a new level, without feeling alone in your journey. 

Trust me, I have been there, and your new podcast is here to turn things around for you by turning up the volume on what really matters- so that others can get involved too. This is the foundation of building a movement. 

We want you to be more influential than ever. We'll produce your show for you with an engaging theme and professional audio engineering. It only takes one recording session with us to get started. After that, all you need to do is hit the record button. 

You are the expert at being who you are so there's no limits when it comes to giving advice about your topic. We help you get it out there.

What Our Clients Say


Amy was amazing! I’ve been to tons of these talks before and this was by far the best one! The content was so relevant, and Amy was knowledgeable, organized, and did a fantastic job!

Bridget H.

I previously attended one of Amy’s 1 Day workshops and loved it. So, So, So happy she is doing this one too! Very personable! Quality content and extra tips provided!

Nancy S.

Amy was an amazing speaker! She was engaging, funny, knowledgeable, open, and helpful… I learned an insane amount in just one hour! Thank you!

Jonquil H.

The content of the event was good, but it was Amy who made it excellent.

Kristin G.

The workshop was amazing! Amy has a lot of energy and would love to attend another workshop with her!

Kris M.

Amy Dix knows her stuff! She’s high energy and very knowledgeable. I would love to have a one-on-one session with her to pick her brain and dig deeper!

Jolena S.

Amy was one of the most effective and well-versed speakers I’ve seen! She knows her subject and gave invaluable resources. I marked it a 10 because it was THAT good. Excellent content – I can’t wait to apply!

Robin K.

Amy’s enthusiasm and knowledge go hand in hand and make for an excellent experience!

Daniel V.

Amy is amazing! She has a great personality and the workshop is informative, entertaining, and fun. Overall everything is a 10. We learned a great deal. Too bad it is only 2 days, 🙁 It was THAT good!

Melissa G.

Amy Dix was outstanding! Her knowledge combined with her entertaining way of communication was well worth the investment!

Felicia P.

Amy rocked it! She’s a great speaker, very positive, and great delivery! Buying her book for more!

Liz O.

Amy did a presentation at our NACREC June Workshop in Grand Island, NE called “Seven More Days”. She reminded us how important it is to make the choice each day to live a life of positivity and to celebrate the small things. She was fantastic and received a standing ovation! Excellent Rating!!

Theresa M.

Impressed with Amy! I wish I could attend all of her talks!

Tony T.

Amy was fabulous! She kept our attention, very informative, organized, and energetic! I would go to ANY of her sessions!

Stachia V.

Amy is excellent! I would take another workshop with her in a heartbeat!

Lindy M.

Amy was righteous – great job! She made the event interesting and memorable!

Jennifer S.

I loved Amy Dix!!  She was fun and shared so much information with us!!  Great presenter!!