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Check out these simple, practical tips for how to stay positive, whether you're dealing with a stressful job or just waking up in the morning.

How to Be More Optimistic and Happy in Life

The two most important areas to address when you want to be more optimistic and happy in life are your morning routine and your job. This doesn’t mean that family and hobbies aren’t important. However, starting your day in a negative frame of mind and being unhappy at work are two of the biggest contributing factors to persistent unhappiness. Your personal relationships with others will naturally improve once you’ve learned how to find enjoyment in your job and begin your mornings energized and ready to conquer the day.

How to Be Happier in the Morning

The first hour after you wake up is important because it sets the tone for the rest of your day. A difficult morning commonly leads to a bad or unproductive day. Fortunately, your mood in the morning isn’t something you need to leave to chance. You can be happier in the morning by implementing a few tips. One way to wake up feeling happier is to get enough sleep. Go to bed earlier to ensure that you receive the recommended minimum seven hours of sleep for an adult.

Allow natural light to wake you up. If you need to wake up earlier than sunrise, you can buy a natural light lamp that simulates the sun and gently wakes you up with a gradual increase of light. Other ways to have a happy morning include:

• Reading books or passages that inspire you

• Stretching, meditating, or praying for a few minutes

• Making morning decisions the night before

• Starting the day with a killer workout

Being More Happy in Your Job

A second step that’s crucial for becoming more optimistic and happy in life is ensuring that you’re happy in your job. Most of us spend 8 to 10 hours a day at work. This time adds up over your life, so you definitely want to make sure you’re happy in your job.

One way to feel happier in your job is to think of one thing you like about it. Then, every time you start feeling negative about your job, change your thoughts to focus on that one thing you like. It can be any reason, even if the reason is having pleasant co-workers or receiving the money you need to pay bills.

Other tips for how to be more happy in your job include:

• Keeping your personal life separate from work

• Personalizing and decorating your work space as much as company policy allows

• Completing your daily tasks in order from most to least difficult

• Avoiding multitasking

Making the decision to be happy is the first step to living an awesome life. Anyone can learn how to be more optimistic and happy in life by making small, simple efforts each day. Give it a try!

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