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How to Be Extraordinary

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A little ancient wisdom coupled with some modern thinking and bit of practice can give you the extraordinary life you've always dreamed of.

Living an Extraordinary Life

If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t be like an extraordinary person, then you might be surprised to learn just how easy living an awesome life is. Learning to recognize that you can make big positive changes in your life without having to actually change where you are in life is a great start. This advice will work whenever you feel like you could do more to achieve your potential.

Happiness Is Right Where You Stand

A certain great teacher in early 20th-century Japan was known as Ōsensei to his students. It was a mark of respect for a man who maintained a constantly happy demeanor in spite of growing up as a weak and sickly boy. Ōsensei taught his students how to think positive in the face of incredible odds because he discovered one little clever secret to happiness.

His secret was acceptance of the fact that we have no choice regarding the hand that fate dealt us. We can only choose what we do with our lot in life. Rather than getting upset about what was going on in their lives, he told his students to be disciplined and work hard every single day because they only had right where they stood to work. In essence, happiness is right where you stand when you want it to be. His students respected him because while they realized it was hard work to find joy in the here and now, they could be truly happy when they did.

Setting Ordinary Goals to be Extraordinary

While this story might have taken place long ago, the concept behind it is every bit as relevant in the workplace and at home today in the 21st century. If you want to truly be extraordinary and learn how to be awesome at life, then you need to start now and enjoy those small successes before you tackle what you perceive as the big issues.

Try making a list of all the little things that you have to do around the house, at work or even on your computer that you’ve been putting off for a long while. Once you have, set a goal to complete just one or two of these things a day. You’ll realize that all of these little ordinary changes eventually add up to something truly extraordinary.

By following ancient wisdom to work hard with the cards you’ve been dealt, you can develop lasting happiness.

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