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You have a positive event to share with the world, we can help! 

“Something will always go wrong at an event. A great event planner never loses their cool, and always makes it right.” 

This is the mantra of every event planner. Join Amy Dix, a previous event planner turned entertainer as she reveals the secrets and shenanigans of the event planning world with other planning professionals from around the globe in the LIVE YouTube Show.

 Looking for a great event to attend this year? The Happy Event Planner showcases the best of the best events around the world so you can inquire and be inspired to attend! Tune in LIVE on our YouTube Channel.

Whether you plan company meetings, corporate trade shows, or calming retreats, let’s spread the word! Or if you are an attendee looking for the BEST events this year, we would love for you to join us!

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Interested in being a guest?
If this is you…
You are a planner for a positive event with the intent to make an impact and know that your event is as great as the content you put provide for your attendees…
Then we want to show the world how you are doing it and help you spread your message.


1. You are a third-party event planner, corporate event planner, meeting coordinator, or speaker coordinator who is responsible for sourcing speakers and entertainment.

2. You plan at least one event per year with with at least a $100K event budget, or a 100+ attendees.

3. You have a desire to help the events industry.

4. You have a joyful and positive outlook for your position.