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✅ In this video, learn how I booked 97 PAID speaking engagements in 18 months!

Guaranteed Speaking Engagements for Authors

If you are a published author, you’re about to discover how to get booked (and paid) as a speaker so you can spread your message to make a huge impact on your audience.

Are you an author who wants to become a sought-after speaker? Well, I am going to show you the way!

One of the biggest challenges for authors is getting booked on stages and getting their message heard.

So you wrote a book…Congratulations! But let me guess, you want to spread your  message further than just to those who happen to read your book. You want to take your message and make a movement! 

Now you have the great title of being an “author” and you want to speak at events, but you don’t know where to start. You’ve tried using other speaking programs before but they never worked for you! I get it. I’ve been there.

You have the message, now get booked!

Speaking is one of the most rewarding paths for any author with something important they want to share. I am going to reveal to you the most successful way you can get booked (and paid) as a speaker so you can spread your message to make a huge impact on your audience.

Whether you want to speak full time, speak to sell, or further your movement, I’ve got you covered!   Brace yourself for success because we are about to get real (serious) here…

How can you book gigs as a speaker if no one has ever heard of ya? As depressing as that may sound, the reality is unless you are Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, or Rachel Hollis, then you need to keep reading so I can tell you my secrets–secrets only published authors know–to becoming booked consistently when pitching themselves without getting discouraged. 

Look no one has ever heard of me either. I’m not a NY Times bestselling author. I don’t have millions of followers. And I certainly do not claim any celebrity status. 

…But I did get 97 PAID speaking engagements within 18 months! How did I do it? Not only am I going to teach you how, but we can even do it FOR YOU.

The only speaking program designed especially for authors.

Imagine having a program that is specifically designed for authors by authors. A program that provides the tools and resources needed to get you booked on stages…

It’s time for your voice to be heard, and we are here to ensure that not only is it heard by a few, but by thousands, or even tens-of-thousands – do I dare say millions? Yep, I said it! MILLIONS! 

So who are we, anyway?

So happy you asked! Here we are 👇👇 (Nice to meet you 😉)… 

Rob Kosberg - Wall Street Journal & USA Today Best Selling Author
Amy Dix - Two-Time International Bestselling Author & International Speaker

Let us do the work for you!

Our DFY option works on behalf of the author booking stages for them as a done-for-you service. We guarantee that the author will get at least 2 speaking engagements. This is different from other programs.

:point_right: As your Virtual Speaker Coordinator, I will help you source, follow-up and close speaking engagements. We guarantee we will find you 2 speaking engagements while setting you up for continued success to keep the momentum going long after your first 2 bookings. We don’t stop until our promise is fulfilled.

✅ You can save over $2000 in sourcing your leads lists.

✅ You won’t have to have to spend tons of time marketing, you just show up for the gig! 

✅ You can easily save 5-10 hours a week by letting us do the work for you. 


⭐️ We will provide a list of 50 hand-selected events that we will focus on and reach out to on your behalf

⭐️ We will promote you to our over 200 event planners

⭐️ We will source and provide a list of 100 decisions makers within your niche that we will connect with, send a copy of your book to, and discuss future speaking opportunities with

⭐️ You will receive coaching from us on your website, speaker sheet, and demo reel to ensure you are presented with authority and authenticity

⭐️ You will have your own dashboard and system to see exactly what opportunities we are working on

⭐️ You will receive unlimited access to us through your private Slack channel. Have a question? Need advice? We have your back! 


Author’s Are Getting Booked More!

Being a published author is the second biggest factor that event planners are looking for when sourcing a speaker. This is great news for you and I am going to show you how to leverage that power to get on stages! 

Now let’s go further your movement so you can have the impact you were meant to have!

Here’s how we will work together…

  • We will conduct 2-3 thirty minute calls to establish your current processes, review your brand, website, and assets. Then we will set up your success plan moving forward.
  • If we are building a website for you, we will also conduct in-depth personal branding and website goals. We will also conduct an onboarding call with one of our website project managers prior to build out. 
  • We will work together ensure your title and description of your signature talk is one that attracts and resonates with decision makers. 
  • We will write your copy for your speaker proposals.
  • We will start on your speaker one-sheet to ensure that it has all of the necessary components for event planners to hire you.
  • We will establish your Focus 50 list
  • We will source at least 100 contacts in your niche
  • We will begin completing call for speaker applications
  • We will begin promoting you to your established lists of contacts
  • We will promote you to our list of over 200 event planners
  • We will provide training and consulting on how to increase your profit beyond the speaking gig
  • We will continue working on your behalf until we deliver a minimum of 2 speaking engagements – guaranteed.

Because of our guarantee, we only work with certain clients.

Those that we do accept, we guarantee to book you a minimum of 2 speaking engagements, and create a process for you to continue booking gigs beyond the first 2.


How is it different from other speaking programs?

First, we have built a program exclusively for published authors. Also, our unique approach to marketing and speaking ensures you are not only set up for success, but that you generate the results beyond the stage that you are looking for.

What if I don’t know if the program is right for me?

No problem! We have a no-obligation-completely-stress-free-almost-like-your-talking-with-a-friend discovery call. We also don’t take just anyone into the program, so we need to see if it’s a fit on our end too. We are here to answer ALL of your questions!

I am super busy. How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

The done-for-you program will definitely fast track you with the majority of the work being done by us. We will also need information from you so will set up some calls to walk through what we need. There are some videos that we will need you to do, but they will be less than 2 minutes long and we tell you exactly what you need to say. We also set up your personalized slack channel for easy communication whenever you need us.

I am not an author. Can I still enroll?

Let’s chat. The program is set up for authors, but there could be some rare exceptions if you are a good fit.